Exceptional Pre-Owned Vehicles.  All Brands of New, One-Stop-Shop.
Simple process, upfront pricing and 25+ years experience.

All brand new vehicles are offered and sold by trusted, franchised dealer partners with all manufacturer incentives including cash rebates, low APR financing and sub-vented leases available to you.  Out-of-stock, dealer trade and factory orders are available on most models.  Some restrictions apply as market conditions change. 

After 25+ years in business we have certainly had time to vet and screen our franchise dealer contacts to ensure you a pleasant experience with them, whether you buy a new commuter for under $20k or a new $90k Mercedes luxury vehicle.

We prefer to reference dealer invoice as our basis for pricing well-produced vehicles whenever possible.  Short supply or high demand will elevate pricing up and seasonal sales or an abundance of a model to clear out can push the price down below invoice.  Premium and luxury models are generally discounted less.  Thanks in large part to the internet, dealers have tighter margins on vehicles today and most one-price or value-price dealers position their online price points at or pretty close to where they "have to be".  If the price listed by our dealer partners is truly the lowest available, we will work with that.  In cases where there is additional savings available, we will get it for you.  The price you pay through us will always be competitive and upfront. 

In all cases, we also help you in areas where the dealers make up for the lower margins - your trade in value, financing options and after market products.  

Once the transaction is complete and you have taken delivery, you will be able to look back at our process and say you were treated professionally, you got a good price and value, and you got the vehicle you wanted.  Hopefully you will say it was fun, too.​

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