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Vehicle Financing Solutions - O.A.C.
  • Multiple credit union partners
  • Personal review of your application
  • 24 to 72 month terms available
  • Down payments as low as $0
  • Low APR finance rates for used vehicles
  • Manufacturer 0%, 0.9%, 1.9% etc when available
  • Payment plans to fit your budget
  • Lease options available for new vehicles
Financing is often a necessary part of buying a vehicle, but it can cost you more than it has to if you aren't educated in how dealers can use it. 

Zero-percent isn't always free. Long term loans even at lower rates mean more interest paid. Rate mark up means huge back-end gross for finance departments. Burying negative equity into another new loan.  Ads offering guaranteed credit really means get ready to empty your checkbook (sure it might get you a car, but at a hefty cost over time).

Selecting the right finance solution is often more important to your overall cost of owning the vehicle than the extra couple hundred bucks you hoped to save on the price of the vehicle itself.  We understand how this works and will educate you as part of our process so you make the right choice.
Simple Process. Simple Pricing. Simply Enjoyable Car Buying.